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Online Store Sales Boost

A client has been operating an online web store and had pay-per-click marketing strategy for exposure of their store and products. Average money spent on pay per click advertising alone was $15,000 - $25,000 which grossed to over $110,000 per month in sales. They also sent out weekly newsletters to their customers providing them products with special discount and exclusive offers to loyal customers.

The pay-per click marketing strategy provided ample amount of regular customers reported courtesy of click trackers and sale conversion reports. However, they were lacking traffic from search engines because of keywords in product pages that are not targeted to the specific product itself and cluttered product website address. Newsletters are occasionally blocked by spam filters because of products that are often used in spam emails.

Solution Implementation
Integrity Marketing Solutions LLC, proposed a strategic marketing program specifically targeted towards natural search engine results which will make the online web store rank high and appear in the first page of search results. Product pages have undergone keyword analysis to improve product visibility in search engine results. Newsletter template has been revised to include more graphics rather than blocks of text which reduces the chances of spam blockers filtering the email.

Through comprehensive programs that were implemented, the client's online web store not only appeared on google results, it moved it up to the first page with ranking of #3. This boosted 42% more traffic than they had with just pay per click advertisement. Their special products and discounted items are sold out through their newsletters campaign. Within 6 months sales increased to $300,000 per month.
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